Posh Informatics, founded in 2017 by Arian Osman, was established to assist organizations in discovering dimensions within their data that can help them see new opportunities for high performance, modernization, operational efficiency, and profitability.

The mission of Posh Informatics is to help organizations acquire as much knowledge as possible, stabilize and optimize their technology, and implement efficient data-centric solutions that satisfy business needs.

Our Solution Philosophy

Our goal is to deliver top-quality data solutions that elevate your business to new levels through functional and pleasant design. A simple, yet elegant, solution is mapped to ensure a logical flow of information takes place, along with the necessary transformations. It is important to properly architect these data solutions because all solutions should be scalable and easily modified to address changes within an organization.

Posh Informatics develops original data solutions, SaaS, and other products. Services include the evaluation of enterprise systems and architecture, custom application development, data engineering, database administration, and data sciences using a variety of algorithms (custom created or using out-of-the-box tools). All tangents are analyzed to provide all possible options for custom implementations, with pros and cons communicated to key stakeholders.

With an educational background in Computational Mathematics and a professional career in dealing with all aspects of the software development lifecycle, Arian understands that a lot of organizations may lack certain resources, and he is determined to fill those particular gaps as necessary while creating and promoting feasible implementations from start to finish.

Contact ahoy@poshinformatics.com for more information.