Posh Informatics in-house products are inspired by the needs of organizations in a variety of fields with the goal of promoting productivity, efficiency, and high performance at all levels of an organization.


During doctoral research to extract features in fingerprints, it was evident that same research could be applied to the male form to construct apparel. Motivated by computational mathematics and image processing, Osmari came into existence. While partnering up with manufacturers, designers, web application teams, Arian Osman was able to generate and soft launch his clothing line in October 2018. Data science can now be used in two ways: feature extraction in images containing the male form and using various data science methodologies for the purposes of marketing and sales generation.

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EDB Central

Created for a client, this utility helps DBAs to monitor multiple SQL Server instances throughout their enterprise. A front-end application was developed to consolidate all issues with respect to track job failures, deadlocks, and other items to ensure existing issues are addressed.