Welcome to the Posh Informatics Blog

A section for exchanging thoughts, ideas, and news.

Welcome to the new Posh Informatics blog. In this section, there will be discussions on many topics within the data-centric world. I felt it best to keep open lines of communication to exchange thoughts and ideas. I guess it is perfect that I was born on July 24th because my mind and apparently my mouth keep going 24/7 (according to those I purposefully annoy).


In any event, I am hoping this section will become a medium for dialogue on a variety of topics relating to technology, mathematics, data sciences, development, etc. Also, I want to be able to communicate announcements on updates for in-house products being developed within Posh Informatics. These tools come from inspirations from previous projects, and am hoping that they will be able to assist some technical experts as well as organizations as a whole, with the purpose of increasing profitability and productivity.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by e-mailing ahoy@poshinformatics.com. We are always available to give guidance and/or assist in any way possible.